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ATTN: Friends list [28 Sep 2006|10:23am]
[ mood | discontent ]

If you are going to Strike Anywhere/A Global Threat/Bane:   I will be selling these wristbands 
to help support a group called  "Save Darfur" They only cost $2 and all of the profits go back to the group to help stop and send support overseas to people who are in the Darfur region of Sudan and currently locked inside of a genocide with no place to go.
Think about it.
If you were in that situation, you sure as fuck would not like it. Do something to help out. It's only $2. The genocide has been going on since Feb. 2003 and claimed 400,000 people's lives. Every month it is estimated that one thousand people will die or be murdered by the Janjaweed. For more info go to : www.savedarfur.org  or  www.genocideintervention.net . or go here  SAVE DARFUR to sign a petition that goes to President Bushwhack to say to send UN troops there. There aren't any UN troops there at all right now...only 5,000 African Union troops that have not enough soldiers, money, or weapons to be able to do what they really need to. If you aren't going to the show and want a wristband anyway, leave a comment and I'll get one for you. 

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someone help me out [17 Feb 2006|01:52pm]
[ mood | wheres waldo?? ]

who is/are...




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[28 Jan 2006|09:43am]
[ mood | sdlkfjsdlhf ]

I really wish I wasn't at work.

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[11 Jan 2006|08:05am]
[ mood | excited ]

I haven't updated this thing in a while....funny how I always say that at the beginning of the last three or so posts. Whatever. Things are good ! I got an Ipod, and yesterday I sat at the computer for like 4 hours importing songssss. Pretty fun. And, I got my camera in the mail yesterday. !! k2, it goes down to 28mm. So exciting.

Our cat is getting fixed today. I hope she doesn't come home crazy.

My car is in the process of being fixed. People should call me.

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do it [21 Oct 2005|09:44am]

does anyone have 2 extra

seats to danzig?


(I have gas money)

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[10 Oct 2005|09:54am]
[ mood | happy ]

Last night was amazing.

2 Months and counting, <3

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[01 Aug 2005|09:57pm]
I hate how I'm so impatient sometimes. I have what I want, yet I'm sad. Things are great, but I'm upset. That last sentence doesn't make much sense. Aethg. I just want moooorrrreeeeeee.

Someone give me an adventure. A fun day. I don't have to work for the next FOUR days, so it should be able to be arranged in some way, shape, or form. Don't let me down.
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[26 Jun 2005|05:24pm]
I really feel like I'm going to be left behind by the two people who mean most to me...& it makes me really sad.
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eeeeeeeeeeee [21 Jun 2005|05:52pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

I'm on a self-improvement plan, as of yesterday. I need to start balancing my time better, and keep up on things. I need to be better to the people who are going to be there for me, no matter what. And I for them. Excuses are trash on the side of the road. And when I'm ready; some much needed rekindling w/ AL. Soon.

I'm at work and break is OVER. GOTTA GO.

I'm also moving out of my house (!!!) <3

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[17 Jun 2005|01:19pm]
second rate
second rate
second rate
second rate
second rate
second rate
second rate
second rate
second rate
second rate
second rate
second rate
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[05 Jun 2005|11:36am]
.we're chained.
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[27 May 2005|10:38am]
[ mood | giddy ]

Things are going sooooooo good right now. I love it. All I want is coffee and smiles. I hope things continue the way they're going. & June 10th, ATL. Anyway, I'm at work right now. I've worked allll week long. Kind of sucks, but it's not a bad job and I'll be happy when I'm ....rich bitch! hahaha. I've got the next three days off, but I have to babysit tonight. Anyone who reads this; gimme a call. I think Saturday is taken, but yeah. I'm getting my c a r registered today. :)

I was being serious in saying that I never want you to go away, so I'm sorry I haven't been there. (for the past week.) LB.

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"give em' hell" [22 May 2005|07:14pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

things are good, !!

I graduated highschool, thank you to everyone who went, for me or otherwise. :)

Last night was fantastic.

Hoping not to speak too soon, but I will soon have a new means of US - Domination.

Things are working out, yes!

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[19 May 2005|09:29pm]
Things are looking up.

Today was exactly what I needed. & Streetlight Manifesto...yessss. Hung out with Aly, and ended up meeting up with Danny and Kyle, which was also a good time. Andy ended up coming over..hahahaha. He's crazy.

Saturday is graduation, 4pm. If you know someone who is graduating, you should go. It's exciting. Tomorrow is practice, 7:30; afterwards I have job orientation until 4:30..maybe a little later. I'm looking forward to alot of the things coming my way. I'll finally have some money...and sooner or later, I'm moving OUT. YES. We're going to have a the best house. Aly is going to be off of probation soon, and I'm real glad, ha. I hope everything works out the way that I'm hoping, I could use a break. Should be getting a new car soon as well...then it's off to see the PIXIES. Yeah, suckers. That's right. For the second time...and if I'm lucky, I'll be accompanied by a lovely girl. Maybe a few? One boy for sure. Anyway, I'm going to really busy these next few weeks. Weird. Maybe it's good. Who knows.

Monday I got to spend time with Alex, that was nice. We went on a fabulous trip.
never ending math equation
Subtract and Add, but it won't work out. I'm still hoping for the best out of it all.
<3 pictures.
Read more...Collapse )
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[12 May 2005|11:15pm]
So. Tomorrow is senior breakfast, bright and early. It's also Friday the 13th. Also one month. Should make for an interesting day. I'm gay, hey. I couldn't find the little dipper tonight. I should be getting a new job soon, that's good I guess. I hate the void that you left me with...and how it's not going to be filled for a very long time. I hate always whining. I hate how I write things and erase them. I hate that I'm not just sleeping right now. I hate that I can't just be happy. I'm trying so hard. I want my pixies cds back. God damn it. I hate being scared. I hate feeling like thisssss;
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[11 May 2005|08:55pm]

before prom.Collapse )

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[09 May 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Things are going to be alright, but I'm sick of having to convince myself of that. Things are going to work out the way they work out, I'm just afraid of missing that master plan, on being left behind by the people I care about most. I had a good day today, and tomorrow should be too, but I just have this nasty feeling in my stomach at the end of the night. I'm sick of watching my friends feel bad all the time. I don't like curtains. What-so-ever.



That's fantastic. And, I really love photo. I wish that I could have done my slides and transfers, but oh well. I can't wait to move out, (!)

annnnddddd, prom was really nice. Didn't stay for really long at all, but good night all-around. I'm getting pictures tomorrow, so I'll post some.

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[07 May 2005|01:05pm]
[ mood | bothered. ]

I'm trying so hard to not hit that angry stage, and just maintain a friendship. But friendship is a two way street...and you don't seem to care.

Yesterday was the most fun I've had in a while. Sliiiide.

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[06 May 2005|03:25pm]
slfdkjsdlfjsfsoifusfd people make me fucking siiick.

I want to puke. Get offff it. Please. NOW. Mother Fuck.
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[27 Apr 2005|09:18pm]
[ mood | listless ]

I was going to write that I wanted to move to Mars, but I would miss things too much.

Things are really shitty though lately, and I hate it. I guess it's darkest before dawn but I'm having a really hard time and my parents being ridiculous all the time isn't helping. I feel like people don't care; maybe they do, but not showing it is really killing me. Things will get better....they have to. But, it's hard. I was doing good for a while, but things started crumbling again today. I need some glue. Glue is made from horses, ha. :\ And, friends, though. <3

Tomorrow Aly and I are going to have a time.

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